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MD Anderson Smithville Campus

Updated: May 20, 2023

Role: Lab Relocation and Activation Services

Location of Project:

Virginia Harris Cockrell Cancer Research Center, Smithville, Texas.

South Campus Research Building 4: 1901 East Road Houston, Texas 77054

South Campus Research Building 3:

Basic Science Research Building: 6767 Bertner Avenue Houston, TX 77030

This move involved the relocation of 14 research laboratories, 6 Core functions, ~120 scientist and support staff, and ~7,500 mice from Smithville to Houston.

Relocation of the 14 Smithville laboratories involved the programming/ planning/ design and buildout to accept over 1500 pieces of research equipment.

One of the key measures of success for this project was the preservation of the research, and the ability to have researchers relocate equipment that was needed for them to continue to function in Houston, while at the same time take advantage of common equipment.

One of the more unique aspects of the Smithville relocation had to do with the Human side of relocating researchers from to Houston, and the affect that would have on their personal lives. One of the efforts undertaken by the MDA PM team in conjunction with their Activation manager, was to have planning sessions on which labs to relocate in which weeks. The Project Manager worked with Adonius, the Activation Manager. to coordinate the move, so research could continue with minimum interruptions.

A challenging part of the relocation was transporting 7,500 mice 130 miles in south Texas in August. As anyone who has ever worked in a vivarium might tell you.. You don’t transport mice in August. The vibration, and heat can have adverse affects. In working with the Adonius-Activation manager, the PM staff and clients were able to come up with a move plan that would dove tail into the laboratory move schedule. As the mice had to relocate with the researchers. Adonius transported the mice in a specially designed trailer starting at 5 AM each day of transport to keep temperatures as low as possible.

Additionally, the client and owner requested additional insurance for the mouse transport. The team worked with UT system, and MDA Sourcing to find a third party insurance for the relocation of the mice.

Reuse of Existing Equipment: Adonius did inventory and analysis of the current

conditions of existing equipment. They were able to reuse and relocate a high percentage of equipment in SMV. The majority of the equipment was relocated from Smithville to Houston.

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