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Facility Support Services

With two facilities to manage, external support is often necessary for receiving, security and many other roles for the new facility until the transition is complete. Ask us how we can reinforce you and your team.

Facility Transition Planning, Warehousing & Relocation Services

Transferring operations from an existing to a new facility can be a seemingly daunting task. Our team will create detailed plans with each stakeholder to assure a smooth transition for all whether it be Patient Relocation, Equipment Relocation, IT equipment, or office items.

Vendor Management

The complexity of these projects requires multiple outside vendors. It can be difficult to maintain a sense of control. We manage the vendors to create a turn key solution while giving visibility and control to stakeholders.

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Decomissioning Services

Handling and coordinating the removal of the equipment remaining can be an overwhelming task. We have a network and system to decommission the existing facility once it is vacated through re-purposing, donations, auctions etc. We also provide the terminal cleaning services as well as coordinating the vendors to handle state mandated certifications for decommissioning.

Asset Tracking, Warehousing & Installation

With the substantial expense of medical devices and equipment, having a partner with the experience necessary to protect your investment becomes vital. We have developed our verifyy system to track your assets through final installation while maintaining a complete chain of custody.