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Adonius puts the wellbeing and protection of our clients at the forefront of our services. Our methodology for decommissioning and disposing of medical equipment assures that hospital personnel remain compliant with all PHI and related regulations, as well as making sure to follow all necessary safety measures. All decommissioning and disposal takes into account its unique factors from a variety of areas such as environmental friendly disposal, productivity measurements, cost savings, end-of-life asset management efficiency and accountability requirements.

Adonius offers the added assurance of risk mitigation for medical systems in even the most complex facilities with our comprehensive deactivation protocols.This specialized service is designed to identify potential risks associated with equipment deactivation, proper identification of hazards such as bio-hazards, radiation exposure, and cross contamination. We have also implemented processes that identify software requirements that need to be addressed when engaging in sequestered installation processes like sanitization backups or evasive storage wipeoff technology needed when disposing of software related items impacted by HIPPA privacy rules or any similar PHI restrictions Adonius may encounter while on premise during a deactivation project.

Our process follows industry standards established through the guidelines set forth by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The Adonius team also assures the deactivation teams understand the local rules and regulations. Our professionals are trained to check and log each piece of equipment for compliance prior to final removal from hospital inventory by using specific tag numbers that link to serial numbers designated for tracking inventory control documents. This gives facility managers and clinical engineering access to a history portfolio demonstrating our record keeping along with photographs detailing historical chronological events managed by the Adonius hospital deactivation team during decontamination phases completed onsite prior to final disposition efforts being complete.

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