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FF&E Logistic Services

At Adonius, we understand that for healthcare facilities, FF&E installation can be both time-consuming and costly. That is why our team of experts excels in providing timely and cost-effective solutions to your installation needs. With Adonius, you can rely on having your facility outfitted efficiently and to the highest standard before its full operation begins.

Our team will manage the entire FF&E process from receipt to placement and installation of all necessary furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). We provide secure warehouse space across the country for safe storage prior to outfitting. When your new location is ready, we will ensure delivery of each item to the proper room location and install wherever deemed necessary - even creating mock rooms together with your staff in order to find ideal heights and placements for every element within the facility.

Moreover, due to our Verifyy system, you can rest assured that your equipment has been fully received while at the same time enjoying purchase order reconciliation and chain of custody validation. This software was specifically designed with clients in mind; ensuring time savings, cost efficiency, and accuracy in all steps of FF&E installation.

Choose Adonius as your trusted partner today - making sure your healthcare facility is properly outfitted starting day one!

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