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Hospital Relocations

Transferring operations from an existing to a new facility can be a seemingly daunting task. Our team will create detailed plans with each stakeholder to assure a smooth transition around your Patient Relocation. Equipment Relocation, IT equipment, or office items.

Your medical equipment is an integral to providing high quality care for your patients. That’s why it’s important to ensure a smooth transition when you’re relocating your facility. With decades of experience, Adonius is here to provide the team that will meet with each department to develop specific relocation plans so you can make the right decisions for a successful move that minimizes risks and downtime.

We start the process by creating a comprehensive transition plan from our relocation templates to address all aspects of the physical relocation. Whether it’s planning, coordinating IT & clinical engineering, infection control plans, supplying labor, transportation, or moving equipment—Adonius has experience handling every aspect of your hospital relocation. We also can assist with packing and unpacking as well as removing, relocating and reinstalling wall hung items without burdening your staff.

With Adonius on your side, you can be rest assured knowing your facility will maintain its patient focus during this time of transition and change. Contact us today to find out how we can support your relocation to your new facility.

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