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Lab Planning, Activation & Relocation

Adonius is the premier provider of lab relocation services. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have helped clients with smooth transitions and ensured that laboratories have continued operations with minimal disruption. Our team of skilled professionals understand the importance of a successful move and are here to help you confidently navigate the five steps in the relocation process.

We begin with effective communications management to ensure open lines of communication between all stakeholders and establish a plan for decommissioning and recommissioning instrumentation. Adonius also offers a thorough understanding of lab operations by conducting interviews and questionnaires with key personnel - critical knowledge which leads to the development of a comprehensive relocation plan. This in-depth planning ensures that both budgetary limits as well as operational objectives are met so our clients can stay on track while minimizing labor costs associated with the move and execution phases. Finally, Adonius provides project management from start to finish – from assisting in de-installation, tracking and relocating laboratory assets, to overseeing at destination reinstallation - all delivered within time frames that meet client needs.

It’s time consuming and complex to relocation laboratories when you go it alone, but with Adonius Lab Relocation Services, we handle all aspects from start to finish—and take on any challenges that arise in between—leaving you free do what you do best.

We understand the compexity in a comprehensive lab relocation, enabling private investigators (PI's) to be certain that every last detail is accounted for when it comes to moving their valuable laboratory instruments. These services include determining site preparedness which will guarantee the successful transition of your lab. Our reliable team of professionals consider several factors such as architectural plans being updated to reflect the changes of project plan, utility requirements being consistent with the manufacturer’s operational requirements and bench placement and instrumentation dimensions determined with consideration of maintenance service clearances and instrumentation umbilical requirements. Additionally, we make sure that utility chain support systems (gas, electrical, venting etc.) have been properly determined, updated and there’s a test plan in place prior to installation of the instrumentation. Investing in our expert lab relocation services can save you from lost productivity or revenue due to disorganized planning.

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