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Re-Use Inventory

If you’re embarking on a medical construction project, then our Medical Equipment Inventory service is here to give you the data-driven foundations for planning success. Our team of experts will come in to inventory your existing equipment, so that you’re prepared with all the relevant information when it comes time for decisions around redeployment and replacement.

We understand what a critical factor this data is in choosing exactly which path your project should take, and part of our service is providing predictive models to help identify what solutions may work best for your needs.

Our inventroy of the re-use in Verifyy helps you identify the exact locations of equipment by department, current room name, and number. Each item is labeled with its architectural nomenclature and identified by furniture or equipment type (F/E). Adonius will evaluate each product's condition and quality to determine obsolescence with agreed assessment criteria. Additionally, it captures an image of all items, as well as any serial numbers, biomed numbers, and asset numbers. These features allow you to provide an accurate report containing dimensions of each item and additional comments about the condition, age, etc. All of this data is used to create a project schedule that reflects expected re-use equipment.

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